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Sweats for Vets provides sports-team hoodies (other items too) that offer both warmth and pride to homeless veterans across the Greater New England (NY & NC) area by rallying many dedicated volunteers and generous donors.


How we got started...and still going!

A recent and comprehensive ARTICLE (12/20/20) in the MetroWest Daily News describing Sweats for Vets, and another awesome ARTICLE in the Main Street Journal.


This important initiative came from the amazing work that my 

community  (Marlborough, MA.) performed every year just before 

Christmas. Right around Thanksgiving, my students at AMSA and the 

amazing people of Marlborough and Hudson start to collect winter 

clothing items for homeless veterans. The primary gift that we 

provide to them is a sports team hoodie.


How did it start? Just before Christmas 2011, I was volunteering 

at a Christmas breakfast up at the Veterans' Homeless Shelter in 

Worcester (run by Vets, Inc.). As I walked from veteran to veteran 

wishing them a Merry Christmas, I saw a veteran with a Washington

Redskins sweatshirt and commented that he was in Patriots' 

Nation. He quietly responded, "I know, but it is the only shirt I have." 

This story still brings a tear to my eyes.


Absolutely no veteran of our country should be

homeless, or without proper clothing.

We would like to offer a sports team sweatshirt to all the homeless veterans at the New England Center for Homeless Veterans, Vets, Inc., and all of the other New England based homeless shelters serving our veterans. We have also expanded our distribution efforts to NY and NC.

Thank you very much for you gifts of kindness. Please share the link...

Merry Christmas! 


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